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Gans 356s V2 Advanced 3x3x3 Speed Cube *WITH NEW CENTRE CAPS* - Gans - Cubetopia - 7

Gans 356s V2 Advanced 3x3x3 Speed Cube *WITH NEW CENTRE CAPS*

The 356s Advanced is the latest and greatest 3x3 by Gans with improved centre caps designed to eliminate the catching experienced with the original centre caps of the 356, as well as an improved groove track design on both the edges and corners - making for a more stable and controllable cube. An easy favourite in the speedcubing community, the Gans 356s Advanced is super fast out of the box and features world class corner cutting, easy reverse corner cuts, anti corner twist and silky smooth turns.

Available in Black, White, or Primary

Included in the unique plastic shell-like box:

  • Fully Stickered Gans 56mm 3x3
  • Plastic driver to adjust tensions
  • Large algorithm pamphlet

The Gans 356s was used by Feliks Zemdegs in his 6.45 second World Record average on 9th July 2016. Watch it below:


The Gans 356s was also used in the 5.39 second official solve by Feliks Zemdegs at the Rubik's Cube World Championships 2015. Watch it here:

Release Date: 9th January 2016


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