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DaYan ZhanChi 42mm 3x3x3 Speed Cube - DaYan - Cubetopia - 1

DaYan ZhanChi 42mm 3x3x3 Speed Cube

The DaYan Mini 46mm Zhanchi speedcube is the smallest in the ZhanChi 3x3 series. Excellent turning and corner cutting, equivalent to that of the larger ZhanChi models. Most common reaction to this cube: “It’s smaller than you think!” A great speedcube for OH, or to carry around in your pocket.

The ZhanChi speedcubes have stood the test of time. The fifth cube of the DaYan series, several years after its release it is still a favourite of many cubers. Fast and light with excellent corner cutting and anti-pop technology, this cube was truly ahead of its time and still a solid option for today’s speedcubers.

Also available in 50mm and 57mm.

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