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Redeeming Cubie Points FAQ

How do I redeem my Cubie Points?

Head over to Redeem your Cubie Points and follow the instructions.


I forgot to copy my discount code

No problem - just create a new one! This will automatically replace any previously generated codes. 


How long do discount codes last?

Discount codes will expire after 1hr, at which time you’ll need to click the button again to get a new code if you haven’t used it yet.


When are the points deducted from my account?

Your redeemed Cubie Points are deducted from your account during checkout. This means that if, for some reason, you make a purchase after creating your discount code but before using it, the Cubie Points you will earn for that purchase are based on the total number of Cubie Points in your account at that time - including those used to generate the discount code.


What if I have more Cubie Points than I want to spend?

If the amount of Cubie Points in your account is higher than the $ amount of your purchase, then just enough Cubie Points will be used to cover your purchase, and the rest will stay in your account. For example, let's say you have 10000 Cubie Points (equivalent to $100). You click "Redeem points", and a $100 discount code is created. You just want to buy a $10 cube, which you've added to your cart. You enter your discount code during checkout. $10 worth of Cubie Points are deducted from your account, and the remaining $90 worth of points (9000 points) are back in your points balance, ready to be redeemed another day!


I have another question about Cubie Points

Contact us at and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have :)



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