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How to Earn Cubie Points

Earning Cubie Points is fun and easy! There are many ways to do it. The first way is the easiest - simply sign up for an account, and you'll have 100 Cubie Points in your account straight away, without even having to buy anything! Here's a breakdown of how you can add to your Cubie Points balance:

 100 Cubie Points  Create an account with Cubetopia
20 Cubie Points  Leave a helpful written review
20 Cubie Points  Spot a bug, typo, or mistake on and be the first to tell us about it
20 Cubie Points  Respond to a Cubetopia survey
50 Cubie Points  Publish a quality unboxing or product review video to YouTube that mentions Cubetopia (or send us a video to upload to our own YouTube channel)
50 Cubie Points  Mention and link to Cubetopia on a website or blog
Cubie Points / $  Earn Cubie Points for every full dollar spent in the Cubetopia store (postage not included). The amount varies, as Cubetopians with higher points balances earn higher point rewards. See the maths here. You'll always earn at least 1 Cubie Point per $1 spent, but usually it's more
Lots!  We're always on the lookout for Cubetopians to give bonus points to... and you never know what it might be for!  
Even More!  More ways to earn points coming your way real soon!


NOTE: Of course common sense applies. Points will only be given for activities that actually add value to Cubetopia and the Cubetopia community. For example, offensive reviews will not earn points (even if they speak highly of the product); but honest and good quality reviews will earn points (even if they don't like the product).

REALLY IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure you contact us to let us know when you've done something pointworthy such as published a review video or linked to us on a blog (i.e. something not on the Cubetopia site), otherwise we might not know about it. If in doubt, just drop us an email or message to make sure we know about your pointworthy activities, so we can make sure that your points get added :) 

EXTRA NOTE: Points for everything except account creation and purchases are currently being added manually. This means that it may take a few hours for points to be added to your account. We'll be automating this process in future, but for now please have patience with us, and feel free to let us know if you haven't received points you think you should have within 12hrs.




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