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QiYi Dimension (Degenerator) 3x3x3 Transparent Speed Cube - QiYi - Cubetopia Australia - 1

QiYi Dimension (Degenerator) 3x3x3 Transparent Speed Cube

From the makers of the Thunderclap and the revolutionary Square-1 of the QiYi MoFangGe series comes the 3x3 Dimension cube. Also known as the Degenerator, this cube is made of transparent cola-coloured plastic with embedded coloured outlines rather than stickers.

This cube isn’t just for looks – it features everything you’d want in a modern speedcube - smooth turning right out of the box, decent corner cutting ability, anti-pop mechanism, and it can be tensioned and lubed just like any other speedcube on the market.

The Dimension isn’t WCA competition legal due to being transparent, but the slightly increased recognition difficulty is a great way to build your 3x3 cubing skills that’ll serve you in comps for years to come!

Release Date: 1st May 2015


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