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Armadillo Super Cube

The Armadillo Cube is a uniquely 12-coloured 3x3 “sticker” mod with durable coloured tiles in place of stickers. Take a look at the photos and video to get a better understanding of the way this cube is coloured.

It turns smoothly out of the box, and feels great in the hands thanks to its unique shape. It’s not a speedcube, isn’t WCA legal, and doesn’t have any great corner cutting abilities, but is quite fun to speedsolve, with some people solving it in around 30 seconds!

This is a supercube, meaning that the centres need to be aligned correctly also - but then there’s yet another great feature to the Armadillo Cube - when in doubt simply take off the tiles like lego pieces and put them back on to get back to a solved cube!

Designed in New Zealand and launched via crowdfunding in 2016, there's simply nothing else like it. Get your hands around an Armadillo Cube today!

Release date: 10 May 2016


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