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Rubik's Futuro Cube 2.0

The Rubik’s Futuro Cube 2.0 is an electronic gaming cube. This is not a speedcube, nor is it a twisty puzzle - it’s so much more! Clever three-dimensional versions of Tetris, Snake and Gomoku. Floating Rubik’s Cube. Multiplayer matches. Or you can just let the Cube play music, have some fun completing little challenges or even use it as an indicator of how much you can keep your concentration after a long night… it’s all up to you!

Along with the 14 pre-installed apps, there are a growing range of downloadable apps. Of particular interest to cubers is RedKB’s Rubik’s Cube app. Solve the Rubik’s cube by tapping each side to turn it. The cube times your inspection, then your solve. Your record-breaking score can be uploaded to the Futuro Hall of Fame. See RedKB demoing the cube (Rubik’s app at 10:08), and see Michal completing a solve in record time!

We at Cubetopia are also the sole Australian distributors of the Rubik’s Futuro Cube. Check out our dedicated website here:

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