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Z-Cube set of 5 Speed Puzzles - Gift Box - Z - Cubetopia - 2

Z-Cube set of 5 Speed Puzzles - Gift Box

This 5-puzzle set by Z-Cubes is an absolute bargain. It includes:

  • Z pyraminx
  • Z megaminx
  • Z 2x2 speed cube
  • Z 3x3 speed cube
  • Z mirror cube

All puzzles are smooth-turning, with decent corner cutting and anti-pop technology, true to the Z-Cube brand. The box itself has a nice carry handle, and how-to-solve guides for each puzzle are also included in the box.

Great as a gift or a collector’s item, or for those just getting into speedcubing. The puzzles in this box won’t disappoint (and the box is pretty nice too)!

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