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About Us

Cubetopia is Australia’s newest Speedcube and Twisty Puzzle store. Launched in late June 2016, we’re a small startup with big dreams. Our goal is to become your go-to place for all things speedcubing and twisty-puzzle related. We don’t have much of a range right now, but we’re growing fast! We want to bring you the puzzles you can’t wait to get your hands on. Whether you want the latest and greatest speedcubes on the market or the most interesting shape-shifting puzzles and shape mods, let us know what you’re after and if we can, we’ll get it in for you!

Cubetopia sounds awesome! But who’s running the show?

Dr Bianca Power founded Cubetopia as a great excuse to get her hands on more speedcubes and other interesting puzzles after developing a (small) obsession with cubing at the age of 28, combined with a growing desire to contribute to the cubing community by getting more cubes into the hands of more Aussies.

Bianca has two degrees in education (but isn’t a boring teacher, she promises), and aside from cubing loves nothing more than to help others learn – whether it’s learning to cube or learning something else fun and interesting (or turning something boring into something fun and interesting!).

She’s a down to Earth person and would love to chat with you about anything cubing related – you can call, email, message or tweet and be sure to get a response quicker than she can solve a 4x4 (ok maybe not actually, but you get the idea).



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